CityVille PSA: Odd Day at the Zoo Goals are about to expire

While the Rusty's Odd Day Out goals in CityVille were retired from the game at the end of October, you might recall that there was a second "Odd Day" goal series released in the game, this one taking place at the Zoo. Edgar and Ruth wanted to go check out the Ostriches, among other animals, giving you a chance to earn coins and other goodies for completing said goals. Now, though, these goals are about to expire, so if you haven't completed them yet, now is definitely the time!

Here's a quick rundown of the goals, as a reminder if you've yet to complete them.

A Date at the Zoo
  • Collect from Jungle Habitat 1 Time
  • Get 2 Disposable Cameras
  • Collect from your Zoo's Cafeteria Twice
  • Reward: 480 coins

I Love Zoos
  • Supply 25 Businesses
  • Have 1 Savannah Habitat
  • Collect from the Savannah Habitat 5 times
  • Reward: Ostrich Buddies decoration

Feathered Friend
  • Have one Ostrich Buddies in your City
  • Harvest 35 Corn
  • Get 8 Ostrich Eggs
  • Reward: 19 XP

Clearly, the most important part of this goal series is receiving the Ostrich Buddies decoration. Even if you only complete the second goal in this series, in order to receive that item, and then let the third goal expire in your city (in around 38 hours), you'll be fine. Just make sure you work on these goals as soon as you can now, as they'll likely never come back around after they're gone. Good luck!

Have you already completed the Odd Day at the Zoo goals in CityVille, or will you need to rush through them now to get done? Sound off in the comments.
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