Adventure World the Great Stampede Expedition: Everything you need to know

As a second part of the Mask of the Hunter side-story in Adventure World (see the first part: Temple of the Mask), you're asked to head up into the mountains to find the Eyes of the Mask. This particular Expedition is called The Great Stampede, and it requires 450 Goods to start. You'll also need two each of Food, Fuel and Water, and can bring up to five of your friends in on this one with you for extra energy. As it stands, you'll have six full days to complete this Expedition once you start it, but don't think that makes it easy... Let's get started.

Eyes of the Mask

  • Use two Sirens to Wake Sleeping Tapirs

  • Recover the Eyes of the Mask from the Faceless Statue

Unlike the last Mask of the Hunter Expedition, this one doesn't place you so conveniently next to your end goal. Instead, you're on the far opposite end of the map, and must choose your path through Mountain Pass, while avoiding Rams, traps and other obstacles. The Sirens are crafted back in Zoey's Tent, the new building that you've been able to construct on Base Camp. You'll need to ask your friends to send you parts not only to construct the Tent, but then to make these Sirens afterwards. Once you have them, you'll find the Sleeping Tapirs - what else - sleeping on the map.

The Heroes of the Mask

  • Use the four Hero Statues to Read Descriptions

  • Collect 10 Hero Trophies

  • Disarm the Gray Spear Trap

The Hero Trophies are sets of bones with spears sticking out of the top of them. You'll find them scattered throughout the map, many times blocked by spear traps (the ones that must be deactivated by interacting with nearby rocks) or areas that are marked with skulls and cross bones. Standing on these squares causes rocks to fall on your head, so try to avoid them if you can.

Bird on a Wire

  • Ask friends for 18 Helium Balloons

  • Use Six Flightless Birds to Launch them to Safety

  • Disarm the Red Spear Trap

While you can ask your friends for these Balloons via individual item requests, you can also find some scattered throughout the map. Just keep in mind that many (but not all, as seen below) are blocked by those skull and cross bone squares I mentioned earlier. That means that the Balloons will actually cost you more than just a single energy to pick up. With energy already being a rarity in the game, perhaps it's best to wait on your friends' help instead.

To find the birds, you'll need to grapple up to the rocks on the far right side of the map. The grapple point can actually be accessed fairly early on in the Expedition, but you'll need the Balloons before you can "launch" these birds to safety. While you're up here, the rock at the bottom of this cliff deactivates the Red Spear Trap.

Once you finish this Expedition, you'll have gathered both the headdress and the eyes to the Mask of the Hunter. What comes next? Make sure to keep checking back with us and we'll make sure to let you know!

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Is this Mask of the Hunter Expedition more difficult than Temple of the Mask? What do you think of the more action-packed Expeditions we've seen launch recently? Sound off in the comments!