Adventure World Temple of the Mask Expedition: Everything you need to know

As we told you yesterday, Zoey has come to Adventure World via the suggestion of Indiana Jones, triggering a set of new Expeditions to be launched in the game, starting with Temple of the Mask. This Expedition requires 450 Supplies to start, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water, and you'll have a whopping six days to complete it. You'll be able to bring up to five friends in on this Expedition with you, so let's get started with our guide.

Exit Temple Right!
  • Recover the Headdress of the Mask of the Hunter
  • Use the First Spider Bait to distract the Spiders
  • Use three more Spider Bait from your Gadget Inventory
  • Exit the Temple

Your overall goal with these "mask-themed" Expeditions will be to collect pieces of the Mask of the Hunter. Here, you can collect the Headdress. But just because this map looks quiet and peaceful right now, doesn't mean that it will always stay that way. You're conveniently lowered into this area right next to the Headdress, so go ahead and collect it. Just keep in mind that once you do, you'll open up a series of traps, and release tons of spiders that want to stop you from escaping with it.

To use the Spider Bait, you'll need to keep running towards the entrance of the temple until you've reached a prompt to place some. This will attract the Spiders (well, most of them) to the bait, rather than to come after you. A single application of Spider Bait has 25 hit points, and as you continue to move (and the spiders continue to devour it) the points will quickly decrease. You'll want to move as quickly as you can to the other end of the temple!

The Story of the Mask
  • Ask for 10 Decoder Rings
  • Collect four Scrolls to Learn the Origin
  • Use three Pillars to Lean the Origin
  • Use three Murals to Learn the Origin

As you place Spider Bait and continue to run for the exit, you'll pass by pillars, wall murals and scrolls, along with a few Decoder Rings scattered around on the ground. The Decoder Rings can also be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general wall post on your news feed. The major problem with this quest, as you might imagine, is that gathering these items sends you off of the straight and narrow path towards the exit. Every move that you make allows the spider bait to be more used, eventually requiring you to place more, or become overwhelmed with spiders! You can craft more Spider Bait in Zoey's Tent back on Base Camp, so make sure you have a full supply at the ready!

While I'm Here...
  • Collect five Jade Vases
  • Collect two Ruby Vases
  • Collect an Azure Skull

The Azure Skull is located right at the beginning of the Expedition, with the Jade and Ruby Vases are scattered throughout the rest of the map as you proceed. You'll come across them by default when collecting items for the Story of the Mask quest above, so it shouldn't be too difficult to complete this one. Just keep in mind, as with the quest above, as you collect these things, spiders will be moving in ever-closer to your location...

Depending on how thoroughly you explore this temple, or how long it takes you to find the right spots for pushable blocks (see the screenshot above), you could easily use anywhere from 5-10 Spider Baits in completing all three of these Quests. Luckily, you can technically craft a never-ending supply of them back on Base Camp, but this definitely explains why we've been given six days to complete this particular Expedition on its own. You'll likely need that amount of time just in waiting for your friends to send you the materials to craft those Spider Baits! Good luck!

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What do you think of this first Mask of the Hunter Expedition? Do you like the idea of spider baits and distractions, that add more action to the game? Sound off in the comments.
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