Playfish makes it rain on The Sims Social players for ... no reason at all

Free SimCash
Free SimCash

Well, we think we know why. If you noticed your SimCash reserves in The Sims Social beef up a little today, do not be alarmed. Playfish has awarded all The Sims Social players who installed the game before Nov. 4 a cool 25 SimCash, the game's premium currency that normally goes for Facebook Credits. Why, you ask? Because you're all just swell ladies and gents.

Alright, fine, we'll level with you. November is Fan Appreciation Month in Playfish and EA's hit social game. This whole love-fest started earlier this week with free in-game items, Energy and Simoleons. But we certainly didn't expect the developer to start handing out free SimCash all willy nilly. Sure, the cash is made out of thin air, but EA is surely still biting one big bullet.

Just consider the amount of players that won't purchase SimCash for a short while, thanks to this cash injection. Since the game launched this summer, it threatened to take the top spot away from CityVille, but fell just short of its goal. Ever since, The Sims Social has steadily lost players, hence Fan Appreciation Month.

EA and Playfish are the first to put this huge a dent into Zynga's domination of the charts, after all, and they will do everything in their power to keep that number two spot with 37.7 million monthly players. But if The Sims Social is going to get those 10 million or so players back, it might take a bit more than free money.

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