How to go from zero to superhero in The Sims Social


When it comes to creative expression, games like FarmVille and The Sims Social might not be the first outlets to spring to mind. But, if you give people a game that offers a certain flexibility, a little outside-the-box thinking can yield some pretty impressive, even artistic, results.

Enter the Sims Social superhero. There hasn't been a big superhero theme in The Sims game on Facebook, but one player devised this clever outfit by piecing together different clothing items from the current lineup. Pretty super, amiright?

sims social superhero
sims social superhero

If you want to turn your average Joe or Jane Sim into a yellow tights-wearing crusader, here's what you need to do.

1. Visit the clothes store in the game.

2. Make sure you have 6,400 Simoleons and 30 SimCash

3. Purchase and equip the following items:

Vamps Cape (limited edition item) 1,700 Simoleons (the cape is key, and it's only around for a limited time, so buy it now)
High Over the Knee Socks (Orange) - 900 Simoleons
Simple White Underwear -- free
Sims Social hoodie -- limited edition fan freebie (you sub in other tops if you did not get the hoodie)
Ponytail Hairstyle - 3600 Simoleons
100% Wool Boots - 30 SimCash
White Belt - 200 Simoleons

4. Perform heroic tasks (like wrangling the ferocious Cowplant).

sims social cowplant
sims social cowplant

And, voila! Your Sim has gone from zero to Superhero.

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