MyTown 2 will (finally) get friendly, with new check-in and social features

MyTown 2
MyTown 2

In our preview of Booyah's brand new MyTown 2, we pointed out that the game lacked the social features of its competitors. Well, apparently Booyah was listening (or already had this stuff planned), as Pocket Gamer reports that changes are incoming. The developer will soon add social features to the game that allow players to interact with their friends to expand their cities.

"We're wrapping up the first update to the game that will add social features," MyTown 2 executive producer Seung Won Park told Pocket Gamer. "We'll be incorporating interacting directly with your friends, which will allow you to purchase and access business that you may not otherwise be able to reach."

This sounds like a much-welcome change considering the new iPhone game is played all by your lonesome at the moment. However, if we're to rely on our friends to access new places to throw into our digital cities, doesn't that undermine the location-based hook of the game even further? We'll see soon enough, but this sounds like an excuse not to see my friends in person.

Park also revealed to Pocket Gamer that tablet, meaning Android and iPad, versions of the game are under consideration. Well, bigger screens are always nice, and it's not like we need the MyTown 2 to be anymore mobile than it already is. (Zing!)

Have you tried MyTown 2 yet on iOS? What do you think Booyah should do to make its game more social, and more reliant on your exact location? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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