Mickey Mouse's first Facebook game isn't much of a game at all

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Ever since Disney acquired Playdom for a massive amount of money, we've patiently awaited the arrival of Mickey "Money Bags" Mouse on Facebook. Old Big Ears cropped up in Playdom's Social City for just a moment, instilling hope for his arrival in a full-blown game. And as if in response to analysts' cries of doom, Disney slapped its moniker on Gnome Town, a game that had nothing to do with the brand, but reportedly saw a boost, thanks to the name.

Around the same time, Playdom head John Pleasants promised more Disney-branded social games will come from the studio in 2012. And now, we have this: The first Facebook game to feature Mickey and his friends that released in time for Halloween. But, according to a review by GameZebo (and our own time romping around inside), it's not much of a game, really.

In Mickey's Trick or Treat, players don predetermined costumes featuring Disney's most popular characters and, well, go trick-or-treating to their friends' front doors. Once friends receive the trick-or-treat request asynchronously, they then have the option to give the player a treat, or serve them up a trick. The more treats you gather, the more costumes you can unlock and decorations for your own front door.

The game, as expected, has high production values with effects like fog and smooth animations all around--wait a second. This is Mickey Mouse's big debut on Facebook? Ultimately, the game is designed to promote and support a Halloween event that was held in Disney World. Dare we way, Mickey's Trick or Treat is a slightly more elaborate advergame. (It's not even clear whether Playdom created the game, though we doubt it.) Well, look on the bright side: Things can only go up from here, right?

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