FarmVille Farm Cash promotion offers free Fairy-themed items with purchase


With the launch of the Fairy Hollow theme in FarmVille, we've seen a new Farm Cash promotion launch for some users. Right now, it looks like this promotion isn't available across all players' farms, and the reasoning for that hasn't been announced as of this writing. If I had to make a guess (based on what I've personally seen), it looks like this promotion might only be rolling out to those users that have never purchased Farm Cash as an extra incentive for them to finally do so. Or, it could be that my account (and so many others) will receive the promotion at a later time, with the same limited time expiration date when it finally does arrive.

Either way, the promotion is fairly straightforward, and will see you being rewarded with a different fairy-themed item depending on the amount of Farm Cash you purchase. To be technical, the Farm Cash itself hasn't been discounted - you'll still pay the same amount of real-world money for each one - but you'll simply receive a free item in addition to the Farm Cash you purchase. Here's a rundown of the packages and the prizes you'll receive:

  • $5 - 25 Farm Cash and a Fairy Gnome (originally 18-Farm Cash)

  • $20 - 115 Farm Cash and a Magic Orange Tree (originally 7 Farm Cash)

  • $50 - 310 Farm Cash and a Fairy Cow (originally 24 Farm Cash)

Right now, it doesn't appear as though the other Farm Cash packages available come with any extra rewards, but we'll make sure to let you know if that changes in the future.

Have you received this promotion in your game in FarmVille? If you have, have you already purchased Farm Cash in the past, or would you be a first-time-buyer? Let us know in the comments!