FarmVille: Buy an English License to swap items between storage sheds

If you're one of the many FarmVille players that wasn't able to unlock transferable storage between your Home Farm and English Countryside by completing the Storage Transfer goals in the English Countryside proper, you now have the ability to do so, but there's a catch. You'll need to purchase this ability in the store.

To be specific, an "English License" item is now rolling out to farmers, and it's available to find within the "Farm Aides" section of the game's marketplace. It costs 75 Farm Cash, which seems like a lot (ok, it is a lot), but as a player that already has this ability, I have to say that it's probably worth the purchase price. Not only will you be able to freely transfer items between your Home Farm and English Countryside, but you'll also be able to access crops from both farms to be planted on either one.

Specifically, this will become incredibly handy if you're required to grow a large amount of crops for a particular goal in the game, but don't have enough plots on one farm to get it done. If this was a crop that could only be planted on your Home Farm, for instance, you can now plant it in your English Countryside, allowing you to finish those types of goals in a much quicker time frame. As for transferring items, this will definitely help those item collectors that have already reached the 1,000 item limit on their Home Farms, but don't want to stop buying items (and hate to clutter up their farms).

Again, this English License is only necessary to those users that didn't complete the Storage Transfer goals (regardless of the reason), so if you already have the ability to transfer items, you will not need to purchase this one. It will be interesting to see if a similar license is released to unlock storage between both farms and the Lighthouse Cove, or if that will be released through goals as well. Either way, you can be sure we'll let you know.

[Image Credit: FarmVilleFreak]

Are you going to purchase an English License to transfer items between and plant crops on both the Home Farm and English Countryside? Would you purchase a similar license to unlock storage transfer to Lighthouse Cove? Sound off in the comments.