Empires & Allies Mysterious Mercenaries Goals: Everything you need to know

Mysterious Mercenaries
Mysterious Mercenaries

You know, just in case you weren't already busy enough with a new major campaign. Zynga has released a new mini series of Goals to Empires & Allies, titled "Mysterious Mercenaries." Of course, the content is on a slow roll out, but contains eight new missions to complete with a brand new combat vehicle dangling at the end of the line, the Elite NightFox Copter.

This red beast boasts 270 Strength, and is effective against Tanks, Submarines and Bombers. In order to get it, you must complete all eight Goals in the series, which is timed. But why wait any longer? Here's how to finish Mysterious Mercenaries and get yourself the NightFox:

An Intriguing Discovery

  • Collect 3 Secret Files

  • Get 5 Decoder Rings

  • Produce 500 Wood

Both the Secret Files and the Decoder Rings are found by requesting them from your friends. You'll score Element Z, one Mastery Token and 20 Infamy Points for your efforts.

The Tide Rolls In

  • Collect 100 Uranium

  • Acquire 5 Defecting Scientists

  • Produce 500 Oil

If your Empire naturally produces Uranium, then you already know what to do. But if you don't have immediate access to the ore, then you'll have to either invade a friend who has it, or purchase it on the Market. The five Defecting Scientists, of course, come from your friends. For completing this Goal, enjoy 20 Honor Points, one Missile Attack II power-up and 250 Aluminum.

Bits and Pieces

  • Acquire 5 Mini Data Drives

  • Place 10 Infantry Troops

  • Defend the Data Drives from Nurse Malady

The five Mini Data Drives come from your friends through requests. It seems that any Infantry Troop will do for the second requirement, so you could go with the cheapest, quickest option. Then, it's time for a battle. Finish this Goal for two Liberty Bonds, a 10 Energy Pack and 50 Gold.

The Best-Laid Plans

  • Collect 10 Blue Prints

  • Battle Kung Fucius for Blue Prints

  • Earn 10 Energy from Neighbor Visits

The 10 Blue Prints come from friend help requests, whom you'll visit anyway for the 10 Energy points. Then, you must go toe-to-toe with Kung Fucius for the rest of the plans. A cool 100 Copper, 20 XP and one Mustang Orange fighter jet await you.

Mysterious Mercenaries
Mysterious Mercenaries

Searching the Seven Seas

  • Acquire 10 Maps

  • Place 10 Battleships

  • Defeat The Eel's forces

As per usual, you must ask your friends for the 10 Maps in order to advance. Then, you can probably place any old 10 Battleships to fulfill this portion of the Goal. Finally, give The Eel a beating to score some Energy, one Evasion I power-up and two Mastery Tokens.

Hellcats of the Skies

  • Get 10 Helicopter Training Manuals

  • Harvest 30 Corn

  • Win 15 Battle Blitz matches

After asking your friends for 10 of the manuals, harvest the 30 Corn, which cost a mere 25 coins and take just five minutes. Then, you might want to bring your best units into Battle Blitz to get some more Energy, 250 Wood and a Zynga Zeppelin.

Fight for Your Right to Pilot

  • Get 10 Gallons of Advanced Polymer

  • Battle Van Helman for Windshield Wipers

  • Add 3 New Friends

While you're waiting for friends to respond to your requests for 10 Gallons of Polymer, duke it out with Van Helman. Then comes the tricky part: new friends. If you want to be really sneaky, you could always make some mock accounts to invite ... or just hit up the "Add Me" threads on the E&A Facebook page. We imagine that you'll score the 5 Empire Points for completing this Goal.

World Class Whirlybird

  • Collect 15 Air Inlets

  • Collect 5,000 Coins

  • Collect 15 Flight Suits

Let the begging marathon begin. You'll need to ask friends for both the 15 Air Inlets and the 15 Flight Suits. As for the 5,000 Coins, the game recommends visiting friends, but you could also farm a lot of crops. For finishing this daunting series of Goals, enjoy the Elite NightFox Copter.

[Sources and Image Credits: Empires and Allies Base; Empires & Allies Wiki]

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