Adventure World Zoey's Tent: Everything you need to know

As a way to tide users over while Indiana Jones is apparently stranded in Havana, players in Adventure World have been introduced to a new in-game character by the name of Zoey. Zoey is one of Indy's friends. After learning that Indy has been delayed (both in-game, via a letter, and outside, via Zynga), Indy has sent Zoey to your Base Camp to offer help with beasts on various Expeditions and quests.

With her comes the ability to craft new gadgets, but first you'll need to build Zoey a place to stay: Zoey's Tent. Zoey's Tent is a building much like the Well, Farm, etc. in that you'll be able to place the base without any effort, but then must collect building materials to actually complete it. In this case, you'll need to gather the following:

  • 5 Canvas

  • 5 Animal Skins

  • 5 Antlers

  • 10 Fine Rugs

  • 10 Snake Cages

  • 10 Sharpening Stones

For these items, the Canvases, Animal Skins and Antlers are earned through general wall posts you'll send to the news feed, while the other three items are earned through individual requests sent to those Adventure World neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you.

Once the building is complete, you'll be able to use it to craft items like Spider Baits and Sirens. If you're familiar with the way crafting works in Zynga's other games - specifically Pioneer Trail - you'll feel right at home here. Spider Baits take Mason Jars and Horseflies, as an example, and can be used to make your progress through spider-filled Expeditions a lot easier.

Technically, Zoey's presence in the game is for more than just introducing this tent and gadget feature, as a new side story has opened up in your Expedition menu called Mask of the Hunter. You'll have new quests to complete on Base Camp, and so far two new Expeditions to complete as well. We'll make sure to bring you a guide to completing those Expeditions just as soon as we can so keep checking back. The first Expedition is called Temple of the Mask, while the second is the Great Stampede. Be sure to check out our guides!

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What do you think of Zoey's Tent in Adventure World? Do you like being able to craft new gadgets to help on Expeditions, or do you not have enough friends to help send those items your way? Sound off in the comments.