The Sims Social Sneak Peek: Bella heads to Japan with new items

Japanese FlagAfter nearly a month of celebrating the awesome holiday that doesn't get the recognition (or day off) it deserves, EA and Playfish might look to travel a bit. Well, more like halfway across the world. A Japanese item them could be coming to The Sims Social. The Sims Social Fansite reports that it has uncovered three unreleased items from the game, and they look the part.

The fansite has found an ocean painting reminiscent of Hokusai's "The Great Wave," what looks like a cherry blossom tree and a mounted katana, or samurai sword. The items have yet to arrive in the game, but mark an upcoming theme that will certainly add a new flavor to the game. We figure that, since The Sims Social is such a down-to-earth game, that more worldly themes will naturally come about.

Unfortunately, the game is in clear decline, and Playfish is doing everything in its power to maintain that number two spot beneath CityVille. While giving players free resources and other goodies within the game will certainly stem that decline, our guess is that it's going to take some drastic measures like whole new features to keep players coming back. And perhaps we'll see that happen as Bella hits up the Far East.
The Sims Social Japan items
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