Teachers Tell Students To 'Act Less Gay'

Teachers in England's Essex County have reportedly told students to "act less gay" to reduce acts of bullying, leading some groups to call the action "worrying."

Evidence presented to the Essex County Council by students suggests that some teachers told students to "wear their hair differently" or act "less gay" if they didn't want to be tormented by other students, according to the Halstead Gazette.

The newspaper reports that the comments have been met with outrage by anti-bullying campaigners, and gay and lesbian support groups across the county.

As well as being accused of being insensitive by pupils, teachers also admitted that they had received "very little" training in how to deal with bullies, the Gazette says.

Jordan Newell, 27, the Colchester Labour Party chairman and a member of the Labour Campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Rights, said that he was "incredibly shocked" at the report.

"I think the report shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue and on how to tackle bullies," he said.

For more on the controversy, check out the full story on the Gazette's website.

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