Pioneer Trail Little Crow Goals: Everything you need to know

Little Crow's Hideout
Little Crow's Hideout

It's Goals like these that remind us that Zynga hasn't done much with Native Americans since Pioneer Trail launched as FrontierVille way back when. To make up for that, the developer will soon release a new set of Goals surrounding Little Crow, a young Native American girl that we must help in order to score a sharp-looking new mustang to ride. However, this Goal series also features a set of repeatable Goals that we imagine must be finished a few times in order to receive the new steed.

Little Crow Needs Help

  • Place Little Crow's Hideout

  • Clear 10 Cacti On yours or a neighbor's homestead.

  • Harvest 25 Corn

This first Goal will appear with the new Little Crow's Hideout building, which you will have to build later in order to complete the Goal series. While looking for Cacti to clear, plant 25 Corn, which will cost 5,625 Coins and take at least 12 hours to harvest. Your reward for completing this mission is 100 XP, 500 Coins and a Honey Badger (get it?).

Ride Your Mustang!

  • Clear 10 Rocks

  • Feed 30 Adult Oxen

  • Ride Your New Mustang

While looking for 10 Rocks, feed your 30 adult Oxen. If you want to speed things up, they cost 990 Coins in the Market and mature in a few days time, if you feed it every 18 hours. Then, all you need to do is ride your nifty new Mustang and this Goal series is complete. Enjoy the 1,000 XP, 3,000 Coins and Quick Draw Quaff for completing this series--wait a second. How exactly do you get to this point? Right, that's where these next repeatable Goals and Little Crow's Hideout come in.

Lil Crow Hideout
Lil Crow Hideout

Get Some Horsepower

  • Harvest 50 Wheat

  • Clobber 8 Snakes

  • Collect 15 Mustang Blankets

This is the first of the Little Crow series's repeatable Goals, and likely appears at the same time Little Crow does. Harvesting 50 Wheat will cost a total of 18,250 and take at least 24 hours to grow. In the meantime, Snakes are best found beneath rocks, skulls and grass. The 15 Mustang Blankets are found through requests sent to friends. Your reward for finishing this Goal the first time is 300 XP, 300 Coins and two Reed Stalk. However, go through the Goal a second time, and enjoy five Super Corn, four Reed Stalk and two Beaded Strings.

Track Down Those Stallions

  • Find 25 Lost Stallions

  • Craft 2 Horse Whistles

  • Collect 10 Wild Rosehips

To find the 25 Lost Stallions, you will have to clear grass on your Neighbor's homesteads--just like Pokemon. To craft those Horse Whistles, you must have Little Crow's Hideout finished, as they're made inside. Once you whack the foundation for a few Energy and Wood (we imagine), a window will appear detailing the items you need to complete the structure (pictured right). Once you posted enough News Feed and direct help requests to get all 75 items, the building will be complete.

The two Horse Whistles will take a total of 18 Beaded String and 24 Reed Stalk, all of which comes from friends. The 10 Wild Rosehips will also come your friends, so don't rush, apparently. Completing the Goal for the first time will result in 300 Coins, 300 XP and one Rawhide. But go for a second round, and two Carrot Treats, two Rawhide and one Lariat Weight await you.

Lil Crow Hideout Crafting Workbench
Lil Crow Hideout Crafting Workbench

Lasso Those Horses

  • Find 30 Lost Mustangs

  • Craft 4 Lassos

  • Collect 10 Wild Bayberries

This sounds simple, but finding the 30 Lost Mustangs this time around will require players to chop neighbors' trees--not clear neighbors' grass. Keep this in mind as you craft four Lassos in Little Crow's Hideout, which will take 36 Raw Hide and 24 Lariat Weights from friends. The 10 Wild Bayberries also come from your friends through requests. It sounds simple enough, but you must complete this Goal four times to get that beautiful white mustang.

Finish the Goal for the first time, and enjoy 300 XP and a Mustang Blanket. Go for another round to score a Crafty Crow along with the 300 XP and the Mustang Blanket. A third time will result in another new animal, a Tricky Coyote, while doing the deed all over again for a fourth and final time will result in the Lil' Crow Mustang. We'll see you in about a week.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info, CEGamers]

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