Pioneer Trail Bug Report: Old Goals reappear, wipe players' progress

Pioneer Trail bug
Pioneer Trail bug

Update: Zynga has provided a temporary fix for the issue. Here's a portion of the statement from Zynga: "At approximately 9:15 P.M. PST on 11/3/11 we released a hot-fix that should stop the issue of roll backs from occurring. This doesn't mean that your progress is restored to what it was previously."

No, that isn't the power of almighty nostalgia in Pioneer Trail. According to Zynga forum moderator BigDelicious, a nasty bug has struck the game that's causing old, completed Goals to reappear in players' Goal queue as if they're new. Zynga has told players to ignore the bug, and more importantly, to avoid completing these old Goals. But the problem isn't that simple.

Players are also reporting that they've lost progress on some of their current Goals, as a result of this glitch. "I have some older missions I've been trying to clear up and some current new ones that glitched out on me and some of my progress is gone," Pioneer Trail forum user Rusti823 writes. "I harvested grapes yesterday morning, made progress on the one mission, then last night it was back to needing to plant and harvest 40 grapes."

Zynga's official statement says that it is "currently investigating the issue and hope to get it resolved soon." Unfortunately, this is but a small problem that Zynga has on it hands when it comes to Pioneer Trail. According to AppData, the game has been hemmoraghing players since soon after the game-changing expansion hit this summer. With that, Zynga has called for its biggest fans to come to Zynga HQ and talk it out for a few hours. Well, the customer is always right.

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