FarmVille Fairy Hollow Items: Forbidden Gem Tree, Purple Pegacorn and more

With Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching in the US, it looks like Zynga is trying to cram as much content into the interim Fairy Hollow theme in FarmVille as possible. With that in mind, the developer has launched a whole slew of new items in the theme in the marketplace, with these items being available for the next two weeks. As usual, there are more items here that cost Farm Cash than not, so I hope you have a bit saved up for the occasion.


Forbidden Gem Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Forbidden Gem Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Purple Crystal Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Purple Crystal Tree - 14 Farm Cash

If you're a big tree collector, you'll recognize this pair of Purple Crystal trees as slight alterations on the pink and golden versions that have been released in the past. Either way, all four of these trees are new to the game, but you'll only need to purchase the 8 Farm Cash versions of either, as the giant versions can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings (either generated on your own farm, or claimed from friends).


Fall Fairy Cat - 12 Farm Cash
Fall Fairy Duck - 18 Farm Cash
Purple Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Fall Fairy Mini Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Blue-Winged Goose - 900,000 coins
Fall Fairy Cow - 24 Farm Cash

As with the original release of Fairy Hollow items in the game's store, many of these "Fall Fairy" animals are simply regular versions of cats, cows and ducks that just so happen to have wings in fall colors. As for the Purple Pegacorn, I suppose the high price can be explained by the fact that you're not only receiving a pegasus or a unicorn, but both in one package (how convenient).


Leaf House - 15 Farm Cash

This Leaf House is a tall, slender building in some nice fall colors. If you're going for the pastel theme with your fairy items, this one doesn't exactly fit in, but it is unique in design if that helps sway your decision.


Butterfly Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Bird - 15 Farm Cash

Keep an eye out on this Fairy Bird in the store. It's labeled as a Halloween item, which is clearly a mistake, so you might accidentally overlook it when simply browsing through the store. It still comes with the same 13-day time limit regardless of the theme it has been placed in.

Avatar Clothing

Fall Fairy - 8 Farm Cash

The Fall Fairy costume is various shades of green, yellow and orange, and comes with a hair piece as well as shoes and (of course) wings. It's a cute costume, but with pale colors, so if you're looking for something brighter, this might not be it.

If you purchase eight of the items in this release (all of the trees, for example) within the next six days, you'll receive the Dragonfly Fountain as a free "collection" gift.

With these items, we see both tree and animal farmers being given plenty of extra content, but the same can't be said for those that simply like to use decorations to create miniature scenes or cities on their farms. We'll make sure to let you know if that changes in the future with a release more aimed at those users, so keep checking back with us.

What do you think of these new Fairy Hollow limited edition items? Which ones will you purchase? Sound off in the comments.