CityVille Agricultural Center Community Building: Everything you need to know

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to get back to the "normal" business affairs as mayor in CityVille. If you're ready to add some additional citizens to your town (say, you need to add some for a new land expansion you're eying), but don't have the population cap available to do so, you can now purchase and build the Agricultural Center from the game's store.

This limited time Community Building has been released as part of the game's Fall theme of items, and it can be purchased from the store for 15,000 coins. From there, the base of the Agricultural Center must be hit eight times to complete the frame. As usual, this isn't the end of the building process, as you'll need to staff the building by asking your friends to help you out. In this case specifically, you'll need to add eight different friends as staff to fully complete the building.

Here, the friends can also be Bonus Crew (pictures of Samantha) that you might have received while completing other tasks in the game, or purchasing them in the store, or you can simply purchase the staff for 5 City Cash each. If you purchase all of the Staff in a single click, you'll save around 20% of the overall City Cash you'd spend otherwise.

Once you've completed the staffing process on your Agricultural Center (whether you paid to do it, or waited for your friends to help you), your town's maximum population cap will increase by just 500 citizens. That's a downright tiny number, considering the large size of this building (in terms of how many squares its base takes up). There are plenty of other buildings that offer more citizens, and while they may cost more to purchase initially, they'll at least save you from placing more buildings in the long run, to receive the same effect. If you're a building collector, that wants to have one of everything ever released, then I suppose you could build this one, but I don't recommend it for those looking to save land space.

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What do you think of this Agricultural Center Community Building? Does the 500 citizen population cap boost make the building worthwhile or worthless? Sound off in the comments.