Ultima's Garriott: Zynga only exists because EA, Blizzard didn't step in

Richard Garriott
Richard Garriott

On the streets, we call that "finders keepers." Richard Garriott, creator of classic PC RPG (role-playing game) series Ultima and co-founder of social game maker Portalarium, said that Zynga merely beat the big time game creators to the punch. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Garriott said, "The only reason Zynga exists is because people like EA, people like Blizzard, failed to step in."

Well, we're sure the 200 million player-strong company sees this as a compliment to its industrial skills. Garriott believes that the creator of World of Warcraft--the most successful massively multiplayer game, um, ever--faces a greater threat from "the Zyngas of the world." And while Portalarium has since created casual casino games, Garriott says that its next game, Lord British's New Britannia (working title) will go straight for that audience.

"I think you'll see that the quality level that comes up through the casual games will rival the quality of traditional massively multiplayer games and then, because it's not something you have to subscribe to, because it's something that virally spreads, and especially because, as people churn out of a big MMO they've got to go somewhere," Garriott told IndustryGamers.

While that may turn out to be true, we've seen RPGs that target the core gamer flop again and again on Facebook. (Unless you're Kabam or Kixeye.) Garriott told IndustryGamers that he sees Blizzard as direct competition, which we imagine means he sees Zynga and EA in the same light. That said, it'll be interesting to see how Portalarium's first major game attracts an audience at such a scale.

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