If real life was like The Sims Social...

... it would apparently look like this.

sims social blue circle of death
sims social blue circle of death

Much like the Xbox 360's notorious red ring of death (RROD) from several years back, The Sims Social on Facebook seems to be plagued by what I'm calling the Blue Ring of Death (BROD). Yup, if you've played Sims Social lately, it's likely you've witnessed your fair share of these blue rings, which indicate that an item is loading onscreen. Lately they seem to stick around longer than ever, and you just have to wait until they disappear, since an item can't be used until it fully appears on screen.

A few vocal Sims Social players have, half jokingly, decided to start a Blue Circle Club in order to complain about this problem (and air whatever other gripes they have with the game), and one of them Photoshopped the image above. As someone who's seen a few too many blue rings lately, I couldn't help but chuckle.

Image credit:Barnabus Bathory/Sims Social official forums