Game of the Day: Flaming Zombooka 2

flaming zombooka game of the day
You're probably wondering what exactly a Flaming Zombooka is. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure. What I do know is that Flaming Zombooka is one awesome action-packed game, full to the brim with explosions, zombies, and clever puzzles.

In forty different levels, you'll use a bazooka to take down zombies. But as you'll quickly realize, your bazooka doesn't always get the job done. Sometimes you'll have to do some serious thinking to figure out how to crush those zombies. You'll need to push buttons, save human survivors, collect power ups, and avoid deadly hazards. But if anyone can do it, it's the fine folks from So get out there and save the world from the zombie hordes!

Click here to play Flaming Zombooka 2!

flaming zombooka game of the dayflaming zombooka game of the day
What level were you able to get to in Flaming Zombooka 2?
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