FarmVille Pic of the Day: Clomba's Halloween sendoff

farmville clomba halloween farm
farmville clomba halloween farm

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Folks, we survived yet another successful Halloween. I hope you enjoyed it, this holiday is a treat that only comes once a year. Now that Halloween has passed us by, all the awesome Halloween FarmVille designs are being posted over on the FarmVille Forums.

This year, we've seen a fair share of absurd, wacky Halloween farms. And sure they've been impressive and embraced the mischievous, wild side of Halloween. But there is another approach to Halloween we haven't seen too much of. Halloween is a peaceful time of year. The leaves change, we wear sweaters, and we go apple picking. That is the side of Halloween that Comba's farm embraces. Orderly rows of green, dirt paths, open spaces, a handful of buildings, and a slow steam engine circling the farm. I love it. This design is a welcome change from the usual Halloween farms, well done Comba.

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What do you think of Comba's peaceful Halloween farm?

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