Shrek would fit right in with CastleVille's characters [Video]

CastleVille Tom
CastleVille Tom

Zynga sure knows how to hold onto a good thing when it has one. The company has released the teaser trailer for CastleVille, the next game in its famed 'Ville franchise. And this might be the most well-produced Zynga game trailer to date. It's on the short side at just a mere 48 seconds, but touts some 3D animation that, while not on a Dreamworks level, certainly looks the part.

In fact, we were almost expecting an ogre-like creature to appear on-screen at some point. Of course, that doesn't happen. But what we do get to see is a few of the characters that we'll meet in CastleVille like Tom the Cupcake Dragonslayer, Rafael the Playboy and Yvette the Fair Maiden. The gameplay in CastleVille, based on what's shown in the trailer, has players build their kingdoms from scratch and embark on "an epic quest for true happiness." (Whatever that means.)

CastleVille was revealed at the recent Zynga Unleashed press event, and boasts a soundtrack recorded by a full orchestra, a first for a Zynga game ... and likely any social game, for that matter. Before the game hits, you can "Like" its Facebook page to have a say in how much the company donates to Direct Relief, Save the Children and Of course, there are some unlockable in-game goodies for you, too. The next 'Ville is almost here, but can it top the last?

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