Cafe World Soup Station Goals: Everything you need to know

Meet Chef Bruno. This man is serious about his soups... I mean it, this guy is obsessed. He takes soup seriously, and he wants you to show this "genre" of food the same respect that he does. You'll be given the chance to do just that via a set of new Cafe World goals dealing with the Soup Station. If you hadn't guessed, these goals are called the Soup Station goals, and we're here to give you a guide to completing them.

Soup Secrets

  • Place Soup Station

  • Serve French Onion Soup 15 times

  • Ask for 10 Soup Stock

Right from the start, you're asked to start asking your friends for help in gathering these items. Once that's done (or while you're waiting), you can cook the French Onion Soup, which takes four hours to do. Finally, the Soup Station is a new appliance of sorts that you'll need to build within your cafe. Of course, we'll bring you a complete guide to building the Soup Station just as soon as we can. You can check out our complete guide to finishing the Soup Station building project right here.

What a Tomato!

  • Complete Soup Station

  • Serve Creamy Corn Soup 24 times

  • Ask for 8 Fresh Tomatoes

Now is as good of a time as any to remind you that if you're looking to get done with these cooking tasks as quickly as possible, you can either serve extra servings out of your Gift Box, or use spices to pseed up the cooking process on those dishes on your stoves. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Tomato Soup recipe (it's almost odd to think the game didn't have such a recipe before!).

Serving Soup

  • Master Tomato Soup to Level 1

  • Ask for 8 Garlic Cloves

  • Spice 5 Dishes

It doesn't look to matter which kind of spice you use, so if you've already used all of the spices that will allow you to speed up cooking times, why not use some extra salt and pepper (I know I can't be the only person with a seemingly never-ending supply, can I)?

Fabulous Fungus

  • Serve 30 Macaroni and Cheese

  • Ask for 8 Fresh Mushrooms

  • Ask for 8 Chicken Broth

Macaroni and Cheese takes two hours to cook. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe.

Shroom Skills

  • Serve 30 Belgian Waffles

  • Master Cream of Mushroom Soup to Level 1

  • Ask for 8 Onions

Belgian Waffles take two hours to cook.

Peas in a Pod

  • Serve a Taste Lab Dish with Mushrooms 20 Times

  • Ask for 8 Dried Split Peas

  • Ask for 8 Ham Slices

Remember, to complete dishes like this Taste Lab requirement, you'll need to access the Signature Dish feature, and choose mushrooms as an ingredient in one of the dishes you'll create from scratch. Keep in mind that as you add additional ingredients to these "homemade" dishes, the dish's cooking time will increase. Finishing this goal gives you the Split Pea Soup recipe.
Impressing Bruno

  • Complete Level 1 Mastery for Split Pea Soup

  • Ask for 7 Green Peppers

  • Ask for 10 Cups of Broth

At this point, you will have almost earned enough respect from Bruno to learn his most secret, valued recipe. But you won't have it just yet. Let's move on!
Eat Your Veggies!

  • Serve 20 Tostada de Carne Asada

  • Ask for 7 Celery Stalks

  • Ask for 10 Carrots

Tostada de Carne Asada takes eight hours to cook. When you finish this goal, you'll earn the Hearty Vegetable Soup recipe..

Soup to Nuts

  • Complete Level 1 Mastery for Hearty Vegetable Soup

  • Ask for 8 Butternut Squash

  • Ask for 8 Nutmeg

You guessed it, for finishing this goal, you'll receive another recipe: Butternut Squash Soup.

Mo Soup For You

  • Complete Level 1 Mastery of Butternut Squash Soup

  • Ask for 10 Vegetable Medley

  • Ask for 10 Elbow Macaroni

By this point, Bruno will be ready to teach you the secrets of his pride and joy recipe: Minestrone Soup. For completing this goal, you'll receive just that: the Minestrone Soup recipe in your cookbook. If nothing else, at least we can say that when Zynga gives us a new appliance in Cafe World, they at least give us plenty of dishes to cook on it when we're done building it. The same is the case here, but I would bet that this will just be part one of this Soup Station feature. If and when more Soup recipes are released in the game, you can be sure we'll let you know.

What do you think of this Soup Station feature and lengthy set of goals? Sound off in the comments.