Building the Cafe World Soup Station: Everything you need to know

As we told you earlier tonight, there's a new (and fairly lengthy) series of goals in Cafe World dealing with an equally new appliance: the Soup Station. This Soup Station is available to you for free inside the functional section of the game's build menu. Of course, it won't be as simple as simply placing the appliance in your cafe, as you'll need to go through a building process for it first. Here's how to do just that.

You'll need to collect four different ingredients in bulk:

  • 8 Burners

  • 8 Soup Tureens

  • 14 Ladles

  • 15 Soup Bowls

As usual, some of these items are earned through general news posts on your wall (in this case the Burners and Ladles), while others are earned through the process of sending out individual requests to those friends that would be most likely to help you (the Soup Tureens and Soup Bowls).

Once you've finished this appliance (a task that's absolutely necessary to even finish the second goal in the Soup Station goals), you'll have access to cooking a whole slew of soups for serving in your restaurant. Of course, those too need to be unlocked, by completing said goals. As usual, this is a cyclic process, but at least once you unlock the goals the first time, there yours to keep forever.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a second Soup Station released at some point in the game's future, just as we saw a second Deep Fryer or Pizza Oven released for users that wanted to cook more than one at once (especially for goals), and we'll make sure to let you know if that ends up being the case.

What do you think of the Soup Station appliance in Cafe World? Sound off in the comments.