Adventure World: Where's Indiana Jones?

So, remember how Indiana Jones was supposed to come to Adventure World in October? Well, It's now November 2 and Indy himself is nowhere to be seen. Sure, we've seen a few Indiana Jones themed expeditions launch in the game (see the Great River, Mountain Chase and Cave of Doom), along with receiving a few letters from the man to move along the story, but why hasn't Indy come to the game himself?

Zynga addressed the issue via a post on the game's official forums, reassuring players that the legend will still be coming to the game. He must have just hit a few snags on the way. To be clear, here's exactly what Zynga said, for your reference:

"We hope you enjoyed the Indiana Jones-themed missions that were added during the month of October. Hold on to those fedoras, because there's even more to come. We're still planning to unveil Indiana Jones and will share more details once he's ready. While we hone the Indy experience you can expect to see some new adventures. In addition to a brand new face on your Base Camp, you will soon find more to do in your adventures – including new gadgets and new challenges to overcome."

For now, I guess all that leaves us with is further speculation for what will happen once Indy finally launches in the game (all dealing with a mystery that needs to be solved, or a treasure that needs to be found, I bet). Keep an eye on your in-game mailbox, and keep checking back with us here, as we'll make sure to let you know when Indiana Jones finally shows his (digitized) head in the game for real.

Did you notice that October had come and gone without Indiana Jones actually coming to Adventure World? Are you looking forward to his appearance, or are you fine with the game as it is? Sound off in the comments.