The Sims Social: Links to 1K Simoleons and other fan freebies

Free Sims Social Simoleons
Free Sims Social Simoleons

Playfish and EA knows, and we know that those free fan gifts just keeps us coming back for more, so they've answered the call. The biggest free fan gift so far emerged today -- 1,000 Simoleons for the taking. They also gave out 200 Social Points, 200 Simoleons, and 3 Energy last week, which are still available.

Anyway, these gifts were released one at a time, spaced over several consecutive days, so to make it easier for you guys, we've rounded up the links in one post.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Log into Facebook.

Step 2: You still have to 'Like' the official fan page in order for these to work.

Step 3: Click on the items you want below. (Note: Each link will open a new window.)

Do you want Playfish and EA to give out free in-game items or coins and points instead? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment