Pioneer Trail Bake Sale Goals: Everything you need to know

Pioneer Trail Bake Sale
Pioneer Trail Bake Sale

Look what you did, Zynga. Now all we can think about are mom's chocolate chip cookies. A new series of Goals has arrived in Pioneer Trail, and they're all about baking scrumptious sweets. The Bake Sale is going on to raise money for a new playground to be added to the local Schoolhouse. Players will have to build a brand new crafting item, the Brick Oven, in order to complete these Goals. But don't worry, there's plenty of Energy in store for you, if you manage to bake these incredible desserts:


  • Place or Have A Brick Oven

  • Collect 1 School House Bonus

  • Collect 10 Frontier's Finest Candy Bars

You will gain access to the Brick Oven as soon as the Goals appear in your game. Click "Place Brick Oven" to lay its foundation. The Frontier's Finest Candy Bars are found by asking your friends. Your rewards for completing this simple introduction are 250 Coins, one Cocoa Tree and 250 XP.

Finish Brick Oven
Finish Brick Oven

Parent Bake Off

  • Collect 1 Brick Oven Daily Bonus

  • Harvest 30 Cocoa Trees

  • Craft 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies In The Brick Oven

At this point, the game assumes you have already built the Brick Oven. So, click on the foundation a few times to whack it at the cost of Energy and Wood, we imagine. Then, click it again to see what's needed to finish. You will need all of the above items, which amounts to 75 item requests from friends total. As you work to finish this task, plant a few more Cocoa Trees, which cost 1,140 coins in the Market.

Brick Oven
Brick Oven

The two Chocolate Chip Cookies will take 14 Double Broilers and 12 pieces of Chocolate, which you must ask your friends for directly. These consumable items grant players 10 Energy when eaten. Whenever you finish these baked goods, collect the Daily Bonus from the Brick Oven. Your reward will be one Playground Slide, 500 XP and three Cream Cows.

Do Not Stop Til You Bake Enough

  • Tend 20 Adult Cream Cows On Your Homestead Or Neighbors'

  • Collect 10 Playground Instructions

  • Craft 3 Chocolate Molten Cakes In The Brick Oven

Those three Cream Cows will come in handy, but if you'd like to speed things up, they cost a whopping 5 Horseshoes in the Market. The 10 Playground Instructions more than likely come as items requested from friends. The three Chocolate Molten Cakes will require 24 Garnish, 21 Cocoa Powder and 30 Heavy Cream total, all of which come from your friends.

Hey, at least each cake is worth a whopping 25 Energy when used. Enjoy one Playground Swings, 750 XP and a Sugarcane crop for your troubles. And don't forget to attempt to bake the Crazy Cake, a consumable worth 100 Energy and +1 to your total Energy.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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