Mystery Manor to puzzle iPad gamers, Resort World chills on Google+

Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor

Instead of excitedly prodding your laptop screen accidentally during that intense session of Mystery Manor, you'll soon be rewarded for that. (But you'll still have a smudgy screen.) Russian developer Game Insight has announced that Mystery Manor is coming to iPad later this month, Inside Social Games reports. Better yet, Resort World is available on Google+ Games, too.

While we'd expect the former to hit Google+ Games, considering the lack of hidden-object games on the platform, but Game Insight VP of Business Development Darya Trushkina told ISG that both Google+ and Android could be in the game's future. Resort World was chosen first for its Google+ Games expansion as a test of sorts. The developer will decide whether it will continue releasing games to Facebook's growing competitor within the next few weeks.

"From what I know, Google choose the games that will be the most complimentary to their platform," Trushkina told ISG. "We just pitched them with Resort World because there is no game like it there yet. It's actually perfect because we can test the social network and see how it actually performs."

Resort World marks the 21st game to launch on Google+ Games, which Trushkina hopes will grow in time. However, Trushkina's words are more revealing about Google's policy on how games arrive on its games platform. The company has been rather picky in which games its allows through Google+. Game Insight also revealed that a new game, Lords of Atlantis, may soon hit Facebook and other social networks.

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