FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Sailing Goals: Everything you need to know


If you're ready to move onto new things in FarmVille, you'll be happy to learn that Lighthouse Cove has moved into Chapter 7 of it's main story progression, with a set of three goals revolving around fishing and sailing. You'll receive two buildings and a gnome for finishing this trio of goals, so at least your rewards are fairly worthwhile. Of course, we're here to bring you a guide on finishing these goals, so let's get started!

Ship Shape

  • Get 3 Buckets

  • Harvest Lighthouse Cove

  • Harvest 110 Dill

The Buckets are earned by posting a general news post to your wall that all of your neighbors can click on. As for the Dill, this crop takes 12 hours to grow. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 100 XP, a Bait Shop Building and 2,500 coins.

Fill the Hold

  • Get 3 Life Preservers

  • Harvest 110 Darrow Blackberries

  • Make Dill Potato Skins Twice

The Life Preservers are earned by asking your friends directly, through individual requests to help you out. That's a fairly small number of friends that have to help, all things considered, so it's interesting that Zynga would force us to "waste" some of our daily requests on it. Either way, the Darrow Blackberries can be harvested after four hours, while the Dill Potato Skins are crafted inside your Restaurant using three Tomato, three Dill and two Kennebec Potato bushels each. Note that to finish that task, you'll need to wait for the recipes to be fully prepared and then set them to sell - not just use the bushels in the first place. Finishing this second goal gives you a Neptune Gnome, 200 XP and 2,500 coins.

Set Sail

  • Get 3 Strong Ropes

  • Make Blackberry Ice Cream Twice

  • Buy a Coastal Patch

The Blackberry Ice Cream is crafted inside your Restaurant using three Darrow Blackberry, two Chandler Blueberry and three Strawberry bushels for each batch. While you're waiting for it to be created, you can ask your friends for Strong Ropes via a general news post on your wall. Finally, the Coastal Patch is a land expansion specific to Lighthouse Cove, and it's the first one available from your default farm. That being the case, you likely already have this step completed. If not, you'll need to add some neighbors and then purchase it for 750,000 coins. For completing the trio of goals, you'll receive 300 XP, 2,500 coins and a Rusty Anchor Tavern. That's the second building for your efforts.

You'll have a period of a little more than a week to complete these three goals, and with the reduced number of collectible items you need to gather, these shouldn't be as hard to complete. If anything, you'll likely wind up with plenty of extra collectibles that you can sell for some tiny profit, giving you more than just what these goals offer as rewards. We can't really argue with that, can we?

What do you think of these Sailing / Fishing-themed goals in FarmVille? Do you think these goals are easier to complete than those we've seen in Lighthouse Cove in the past? Sound off in the comments.