Lunchtime Poll: Should Facebook games have content ratings?

ESRB ratings
ESRB ratings

Facebook games have always generally skewed toward an older audience than most console, mobile and handheld games. But recently more social game makers have taken that to heart, creating games that are clearly for adult audiences. While there are numerous games that we could list, two recent releases come to mind.

First, UK-based Internet security blogger Charles Conway recently pegged EA and Playfish's The Sims Social for allowing underage players to have cyber sex through the game's WooHoo feature. While The Sims has always skewed more toward older audiences, it's far from "adults only." But we'll reserve whether the two companies should further censor the game for another debate. Second is EckoCode's Dexter Slice of Life, which quite literally allows players to act out as Dexter--ritualistic murders and all.

Games like these have led this writer to wonder, "Is it time for Facebook games to have content ratings?" Look, there's no debate as to whether a sizable amount of Facebook game releases have been more adult in the last year. And banning them is likely out of the question for Facebook. (And, in respect of freedom of expression, this guy right here.) So, perhaps it's time to introduce an enforceable ratings system for social games. But we want to know what you, the readers, think:

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