Adventure World Trail of Fire Expedition: Everything you need to know

After your time in the Creepy Crypt in Adventure World, your team has discovered a path that leads to something much more sinister. You'll investigate this new "Trail of Fire" via a new Expedition of the same name. Apparently, the trail has led to a dark, fiery volcano, where someone has prepared an ancient, mysterious ritual of unknown origin. While the details are slim, we do know how you'll go about accessing this Expedition to begin with - by heading into the "Map" menu, and choosing this one with its "New" designation.

The Trail of Fire is available to access once you have 250 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water to supply your journey. You'll have four days to finish this Expedition, so let's get started!

Recover the Ruby

  • Extinguish the First Ceremonial Fire

  • Extinguish the Second Ceremonial Fire

  • Extinguish the Third Ceremonial Fire

  • Recover the Coatl's Eye Gem

In this Expedition, you'll need to put out three fires that are part of the ritual we spoke of earlier. These are deactivated by "vents" that are spread out across the map. Large, pushable rocks are located throughout the map, on set paths that they are "stuck" on. Depending on the side of the rock you're standing, you'll push the rock in different directions. You'll need to push the blocks onto the switches so that other switches or vents become accessible, or fire walls that block your path are lowered. As you complete these tasks, you'll open access to the Coatl's Eye Gem, which sits (at the beginning) on top of a large, multicolored pillar.

For instance, to get to the first, blue vent switch, you'll need to push the very first block you come across to the left switch. This opens up your path, allowing you to take out one or two snakes and deactivate the blue flames (the first ceremonial fire) entirely.


  • Use the Snake Switch to Get the Lava Flowing

  • Use the Snake Switch to Get More Lava Flowing

  • Ask friends for 10 Shed Snake Skins

  • Add the Shed Snake Skins to the Cauldron

Here, you're going to make a potion that will counteract the effects of the ritual that you're interrupting. The two Snake Switches are found at the right and left sides of the map, mountain on vertical walls. You're looking for snake heads that you can pull the tongues on, as seen below. From there, the Cauldron is found to the right of one of the snake heads, so it shouldn't be hard to find. As a note, the Snake Skins are earned through a general news post you'll place on your wall.

Glyph of Good Fortune

  • Activate the First Green Switch

  • Activate the Second Green Switch

  • Activate the Yellow Switch

  • Activate the Red Switch

This particular quest can be finished by interacting with the rocks I mentioned in the Recover the Ruby quest description, so if you can't access one area of the map, try pushing a rock in a different direction, onto different switches to open up your path. As an example, the very first rock your interact with in this Expedition may open up your path to a vent switch if pushed to the left, but if pushed to the right, it actually opens up your way to a Green Switch. How convenient!

Once you complete this particular Expedition (keep in mind this one is pretty energy-intenstive, and has snakes that can take away two energy with a single hit!), you will have stopped the evil ritual from happening, but you won't have stopped the Grave Robbers that setup this ritual to begin with. Will we fight with these baddies in the future? You can be sure we'll let you know if we do, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this latest Expedition in Adventure World? Do you like the fiery theme presented in this one, or do you like the colorful jungle maps more? Sound off in the comments.