Adventure World Hallowed Halls Expedition: Everything you need to know


Yet another lengthy Expedition has been added to Adventure World recently, this time in the form of the "Hallowed Halls" Expedition. This one sees you being allowed to bring five of your friends in to help you, and requires 250 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water to access. You'll have four full days to complete this one, but don't think that that makes it a walk in the park.

Save the Warriors

  • Ask for 8 Hypnotizing Watches

  • Save the 4 Warriors

The Grave Robbers from the Creepy Crypt Expedition are back at it, this time hypnotizing warriors that are meant to guard whatever secrets this particular cavern contains. It's interesting that this Expedition's main quest will be one of waiting - that is, waiting for your friends to send you the Watches, but while you wait, you can try to finish the other two quests as well. For the record, these Watches are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help. Once you earn some Watches (at least two), you can start helping the Warriors themselves, who are spread across the map. It takes two Watches to save each individual Warrior.

Potion Payback

  • Find 4 Mind Control Potions

  • Use 4 Mind Control Potions on Grave Robber's Buffet

Mind Control Potions are in the Grave Robbers' Camp at the top left corner of the map. While venturing to this back corner is an energy intensive process, thanks to the spiders that are either fast-moving, or can simply do two energy worth of "damage" with every hit, at least you have four complete days to make your way around the map, so your energy has plenty of time to recharge again and again.

The Robbers' Buffet are on the opposite, right side of the map from the camp where you'll first find Mind Control Potions, as seen below.

Recover the Map

  • Find 4 Orange Flowers

  • Recover 4 Map Fragments

Another collection quest, this one asks you to clear out debris, traps or other obstacles to find four Orange Flowers, while the Map Fragments are found underneath an orange flower, after you clear it away. This explains why, if you click on the Show Me box for the Map Fragments, you'll see Orange Flower locations instead. Don't worry - that's perfectly normal!

Once you finish this particular Expedition, it might seem like we've seen the last of the Grave Robbers, but remember, with the Trail of Fire Expedition, they're up to no good yet again! Will we ever be able to truly stop them? We'll make sure to let you know when we have another chance of doing just that.

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What do you think of this Hallowed Halls Expedition in Adventure World? Which Expedition is your favorite in the game so far? Sound off in the comments.