The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games -- October 2011

Free Parking
Free Parking

The day of (joyfully) dressing up like idiots and eating dangerous amounts of candy is finally here. It's Halloween, and what better day to take a look at even more freebies that might be sweeter than those apples the old lady down the street doles out. (And they're not even dipped in caramel!) So, without further delay, here are the top 10 free iOS and Android games this month.

Top 10 Free iOS Games

1. Cut the Birds
We really hate to admit that the top free game on iOS as of this writing is three "borrowed" ideas wrapped into one terribly uninspired game. Seriously, you don't even need to play this game to see the blatant rips on Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. And let's not even go there to the game's attempt at familiarity with its title.

2. Crime City
Funzio's social take on what Grand Theft Auto popularized (pictured below) is now available on the iPad as well as iPhone and iPod Touch. Players explore--and wreak criminal havoc upon--a sprawling cityscape. Wait, that sounds a lot like Mafia Wars 2 ... or is it the other way around?

3. 101-in1 Games +3
Talk about bang for your lack of buck. Nordcurrent has packed 104 games into a single app. While you can't expect them to be too deep if there are that many in a single app, isn't it just process of elimination that you'll find at least one game that's entertaining?

Crime City
Crime City

4. Flick Home Run!
This simple game by Infinity Pocket claims to accurately simulate the home run batting experience. It really is simple: Just flick the ball as it approaches swiftly and accurately, and you should score a home run. There are multiple play modes and upgrade options across numerous environments--not too shabby for "free".

5. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+
In case you weren't bored of WWII shooters on game consoles, now Gameloft has made its flagship historic first-person shooter franchise available for free. That means a lot of weapons to shoot, things to blow up and dramatic advances and escapes to make. Oh, and lots of Axis powers to thwart in both single and multiplayer.

Temple Run
Temple Run

6. Family Feud & Friends
An extension of the version Ludia created for Facebook, this version of Family Feud looks to bring everything you love about the game show and throw it into your phone. But don't take this writer's word for it--take this one's.

7. Four in a Row
Also known as Connect Four, this take on the classic game by Finger Arts adds a smart point system that increases the score as the tiles are dropped. The game also supports classic multiplayer locally, and online multiplayer is on the way, according to the developer.

8. Bouncy Seed!
Mybo Game's adorable platformer puts players in the service of Paul, a seed that never wants to touch soil again and gather sunlight. Draw magical spring boards to keep Paul above water or ground , but just don't ask where that idea came from.

9. Temple Run
Imangi Studios has attempted to capture the pivotal chase scene from pulp magazine-style movies, and mold an entire game around it. Of course, the game is a matter of personal bests, or how far can you run from whatever is behind you. The game has five playable characters, numerous power-ups and Game Center support all for free.

10. Drag Racing Free
Creative Mobile's acclaimed Android game has hit the top 10 on iOS, as well. The game features more than 50 cars to race with, and online multiplayer to boot. Players race by correctly timing starts, gear shifts, and nitrous oxide releases. With full car customization and tuning, it's at least worth a shot for gear heads.

Top 10 Free Android Games

1. Angry Birds
(Let's be diplomatic and give a glimpse into current Angry Birds events, shall we?) Did you know that the Angry Birds might soon get their own franchised series of games, similar to how Nintendo's Mario has entered new genres. Angry Birds racing, here we come!

2. Angry Birds Seasons
Well, the game was just updated with a brand new bird. In that case, why isn't this in first place?

3. Angry Birds Rio
Alright, now this is just plain annoying. At least the Mighty Eagle was added to this version recently, right?

4. Words With Friends Free
Zynga's super popular word game trails all three Angry Birds? Part of us isn't surprised, really. Anyway, keep in mind this gem can be played across Android, Facebook and iOS devices between friends.

Guns'n'Glory WWII
Guns'n'Glory WWII

5. Guns'n'Glory WWII
HandyGames presents a new addition to the Android top 10, a tower defense strategy game set in 1944 optimized for the Xperia Play Android phone. Build up your defenses against either the U.S. Army or the Axis Allies with four unique units for each faction. And it looks downright adorable ... for a war game.

6. Drag Racing
Creative Mobile's racer is almost a mainstay on the Android top 10. (See above.)

7. Fruit Ninja Free
Halfbrick's cantaloupe-cutting mobile game is almost as ubiquitous these days as Angry Birds, and finally hit Android after months of enduring an impostor. Check out the game on Facebook, too. (It's a lot of the same, which isn't too bad.)

8. Contract Killer: Zombies
This shooter is really self-explanatory, but we'll have at it anyway. Glu Mobile has created a game in which you shoot zombies ... lots of them. Oh, and there are lots of weapons to earn and let loose.

Zombie Farm
Zombie Farm

9. Zombie Farm
The Playforge's humorous alternative to FarmVille features unique gameplay options like sending hordes to your neighbors and fending off humans from encroaching upon your farm of zombies. The game is powered by DeNA and ngmoco's Mobage platform.

10. Hanging With Friends
Zynga's interesting take on the classic game of Hangman rounds out this month's list on Android. Play in turn-based gameplay with friends near and far, guessing words and making words to guess. Lose all of your balloons, and it's game over.

[Sources and Image Credits: Apple, Google]

Which of these games do you plan on downloading to ring in the fall with some fun? What games do you hope make it on the list next month? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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