Socialspiel reels in untapped social game genre in Tight Lines Fishing

Tight Lines FishingWell, the fishing genre on Facebook certainly hasn't been ... over-fished. (We're here all night, try the veal.) Vienna, Austria-based Socialspiel has formally announced Tight Lines Fishing on Facebook. This game is an attempt at bringing the excitement of popular fishing games on consoles to Facebook. However, the motion controls simulating actual fishing were left for another day.

In the ongoing competition to catch the biggest fish, Tight Lines Fishing players will train as well as customize and equip new gear to catch bigger fish in a storybook world around them. The game's art style is almost reminiscent of children's books, and as you explore you'll come across new characters with quests for you and fisherman's stories to tell.

"With Tight Lines Fishing we've created new ways to connect with friends around the world and bring out the angler in all of us," Socialspiel CEO and co-founder Helmut Hutterer said in a release. "In doing so, we continue our history of creating unique social games with high quality production values and appealing experiences for players and their friends to enjoy. Until today more than 1.5 Million fish have been caught."
Tight Lines Fishing gameplay
The fishing mechanic in the game, while not quite on par with literally making the motions, is actually skill-based. Players must cast a bobber into nearby waters and time when they reel in exactly as a fish bites the line. There are a number of things to upgrade and customize about your character, so we imagine there are plenty of fish to catch. This is a major departure for Socialspiel, which before this released Push, an equally-charming puzzle game on Facebook.

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Have you tried any fishing games on Facebook before? Do you think this is a sub genre that could do well on the platform, and what other themes would you like to see in social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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