Polish Commandos Fired For Protecting Paris Hilton

Polish commandoes fired Paris HiltonWould you sacrifice your career to spend a few hours with Paris Hilton?

Because that's what's about to happen to a trio of elite Polish police commandos. In spite of a mandate that commandos seek permission before contracting outside work, the Poles accompanied Hilton on Oct. 11 to a shopping mall in the southern Polish city of Katowice, according to an article on Contact Music.

When images of the outing appeared on gossip blogs and throughout the Internet, Polish officials were not amused. They took issue with the public display of the commandos' faces, which was also a breach of code.

"If the policemen who protected Hilton do not leave on their own by the end of the week, they will be disciplinarily fired," Dariusz Biel, the head of the regional police where the three serve was quoted as saying this week, according to Reuters.

This development is at odds with some other recent moves made by Hilton. As she announced via Twitter on Oct. 27, Hilton spent that day "At home going thru my closets, so I can donate my clothes to charity. Feels good to give back."

While Hilton didn't go on to name the charity that she was contributing to, the items kept her in the news in what's been a banner year for the heiress -- one in which Variety named her 2011's "Billion Dollar Entrepreneur." In describing her 30-some business ventures, and the empire behind them, Variety noted, "One of the most photographed women in the world, Paris Hilton, has parlayed her party-girl persona and tabloid fame into a merchandising and licensing empire. Now at 30, her image of carefree heiress -- a celebutante who is famous for just being famous -- belies the fact that Hilton has become a lucrative global brand."

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