Mafia Wars Shakedown looks like Jackie Brown gone social [Video]

Mafia Wars Shakedown boss
Mafia Wars Shakedown boss

At least from the looks of the trailer (and probably without the incredible direction). Zynga recently released a trailer for its upcoming mobile version of Mafia Wars, Mafia Wars Shakedown. Of course, like most game trailers from the company, the footage is devoid of any gameplay or a release date. However, at least it sets the scene and tone the developer looks to be going for.

Apparently, the don that runs your crime ring has been assassinated, and now the race has begun to see who will become the new don and take the reins. So, it'll be your job--we guess--to find out who killed the don, fighting back other players and tough bosses like a trollish butcher. Of course, there will be lots of treasure, loot and coin in it for skilled digital criminals.

But we really take away from the trailer is style. If the game is going to follow the '70s crime and blaxploitation style, complete with funky car chase tunes, then we're so in. More importantly, it tells us that this version of mobile Mafia Wars is going to be more than a companion game like Atlantic City was, but we're sure those elements will fit in one way or another. Check out the trailer below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

Have you been following the release of Mafia Wars Shakedown at all? What do you think so far of the game, based on early images, details and this trailer? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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