FarmVille Raffle Booth (10/30/11): Black Corgi and Gazebo come back around


By this point, the FarmVille Raffle Booth has become a hit or miss prospect when it comes to receiving free items. Not only are the items simply hard to earn (that is, relying solely on luck), but the amount of duplicate items released in the feature might event take away from some of the excitement users feel towards the feature. As it stands, this week's Raffle Booth is another set of re-released items, so if you've had bad luck in the past, maybe it will turn around now.

As usual, the FarmVille Raffle Booth is absolutely free to play, and you'll have the chance of winning the following items (we'll also list their odds here for your reference).

10 Special Delivery Boxes - 1:5
3 Farmhands - 1:20
5 Love Potions - 1:50
Gazebo - 1:200
Black Corgi - 1:500

As you might have expected, you'll receive a free Raffle Ticket at the beginning of this week, giving you at least one chance at one of these items. You can earn others by asking your friends to send them to you, or you can purchase them outright for Farm Cash. Just remember, though: even though you have tons of Raffle Tickets doesn't mean you're guaranteed to win all five of these items, or even one of them. There's no real reason to spend Farm Cash on these Raffle Tickets. Good luck!

Have you ever won the big two prizes from the FarmVille Raffle Booth? Do you already have this Black Corgi or Gazebo? Which item are you most hoping to win? Sound off in the comments.