FarmVille Pic of the Day: Colors run wild on Aubbreezey's Halloween farm

Jenny Ng

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You should stop and smell the pumpkins to enjoy this one, because Aubbreezey's FarmVille Halloween farm might just usurp Chubby Butterbean's PumpkinVille as the most Halloween "working farm" ever. You see, Aubbreezey had collected several years' worth of items to make this farm. And aside from being massive, Aubbreezy's farm is also divided into various sections, each with its own focus, just like PumpkinVille.

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In contrast to Chubby Butterbean's muted autumnal color scheme, Aubbreezey has a much more eye-popping setup. Even when zoomed out, you can locate various parts of the farm by the colors alone. To the southwest, there's a long hay bale blue river that leads up to a pirate theme, accompanied by last Halloween's Pirate Goats, Pirate Pumpkin, and a sunken pirate ship. To the south is a long yellow row of corn crops surrounding several farm buildings such as chicken coops and dairy barns. Northside, there's a bunch of Fire Peach Trees just waiting to go into fiery bloom. Underneath that is a row of blue buildings, which includes the Haunted Castle, Haunted House, and Haunted Tower. And south of those major Halloween edifices is a nicely detailed cemetery. But the most noticeable part of the farm is the bright orange and yellow in the bottom center that Aubbreezey has dubbed "In the Spirit of Orange" (shown above).

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Another colorful attraction is the area Aubbreezey called "Tricky Hansel House of Candy Corns" (shown above). And there's also the ingenious inclusion of mutated black sheep to the east, by the Swiss Alps. Oh, it's so hard to choose, you should just head on over to this farm's Zynga forum post for more.

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