FarmVille Mystery Game (10/30/11): Halloween items take a final stand

With tonight's FarmVille Mystery Game, it looks like we've seen the last set of Halloween items released in the game (after all, the store has now been taken over by Fairy Hollow / Butterfly items). You'll have a chance to win both decorations and animals in this apparently final Halloween-themed Mystery Game, with a single dart costing 16 Farm Cash. There are two horses available here, so that's a fairly cheap price, all things considered (I would have easily guessed the darts to cost 20 Farm Cash or more).

Here's the list of six items you can win in this week's game by throwing darts:

Eerie Bridge
Fire Skeleton Horse
Headless Horseman
Nightmare Mini Pegasus
Pirate Goat
Vampire Gnome

As usual, there's another Bonus Prize being offered here, if you're willing to spend enough Farm Cash to win all six "normal" prizes. Do that and you'll walk away with the Gnome O Lantern - a garden gnome sticking his head out of a Jack-O-Lantern. Just remember, even if you really want this seventh bonus prize, you're not guaranteed to win all six individual prizes on the first six darts you throw, so you could wind up spending much more Farm Cash just to receive duplicates.

Either way, you've got a week to throw darts at this week's board, before these Halloween-themed items are packed away, potentially to never be seen again (granted, I'm sure a lot of them will come back next year, but there is no true guarantee). Good luck receiving the specific items you want!

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Which of these six items do you most want to win from this week's Mystery Game? If you went for all seven items, how many darts did you end up throwing? Sound off in the comments.