Your FarmVille Halloween costume can't touch this one

Libe Goad
farmville halloween costume
farmville halloween costume

Every year, the official FarmVille forums host a Halloween costume contest, in which players are invited to submit a photo of their Halloween costume for the chance to win "awesome prizes." This year's submissions are mostly a garden variety of goblins and ghouls, and then there's this -- a woman dressed up as a computer with FarmVille cued up on the screen.

And I thought donning a pair of overalls and the FarmVille logo would make a clever last-minute Halloween costume. I guess there are FarmVille fans, and then there are FarmVille FANS.Queenie367 is clearly in the latter category. Aside from this great costume, her turtle derby farm also made it in our FarmVille Pic of the Day feature.

Image credit: Queenie367