FarmVille Fairy Hollow Items: Butterfly Dog, Fall Ribbon Flower Tree and more

It's unusual for Zynga to launch a new theme in FarmVille right before a major holiday, but apparently, with Halloween being tomorrow, the developer has decided to launch a new theme now, so that it will be available in the time after, between Halloween and Thanksgiving. That theme is Fairy Hollow, and the first batch of items in the theme has launched in the store this evening. There are trees, animals, decorations and even avatar costumes available in this theme - here's a look at what's available.


Fall Ribbon Flower Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Fall Ribbon Flower Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Golden Fairy Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Golden Fairy Tree - 14 Farm Cash

While these pairs of trees are brand new, if they look a bit familiar, it's because they're re-colorings of trees we've seen in the game before. Keep that in mind, the rehashing technique is used throughout this entire theme. As usual, you'll only need to purchase the normal version of each of these two trees, as the Big Fall Ribbon Flower Tree and Giant Golden Fairy Tree can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings.


Butterfly Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Butterfly Dog - 12 Farm Cash
Butterfly Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash
Butterfly Sheep - 20 Farm Cash
Yellow-Eyed Penguin - 1 million coins
Butterfly Pig - 18 Farm Cash

Here, many of these animals are, without the wings, just basic versions of animals you likely already have on your farm(s). Add the wings and you have these new animals, so ultimately, whether or not you purchase them will depend on how much you like their wings. As for the Yellow-Eyed Penguin, this one looks almost identical to the regular Penguin in the game, so you'll need to look closely at its yellow eye to really tell the difference.


Fairy Mill - 20 Farm Cash

Other than the pastel colors, which go along with many of this theme's items, there's nothing really here that scream "fairy" to me, but I won't argue. If you're a building collector, you'll have to make the splurge either way.


Wooden Gate - 10,000 coins
Fairy Godmother Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Wooden Fence - 5,000 coins

The Wooden Gate and Wooden Fence were first sold back in the Fairy Garden event in August, and the Fairy Godmother Gnome was given away for free as a goal reward during that time. If you finished that goal then, you can save the 12 Farm Cash and just pull your old gnome out of storage to decorate for this theme.

Avatar Costumes

Butterfly I - 8 Farm Cash
Butterfly II - 8 Farm Cash

These costumes will allow even your avatar to join in on the butterfly / fairy fun, and could even work as a Halloween costume, if you've yet to choose one, but are willing to do so fast (that is, before Halloween proper passes). Just remember that you can try on these costumes to see if you really like the way your avatar looks with wings before you purchase them.

All of these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. It will be interesting to see if this is a single-release theme or if more items are released in the future. If more items are launched, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these Fairy Hollow items? Were you hoping the end of October would see even more Halloween items released, or are you ready to move on? Sound off in the comments.