CityVille Halloween Mystery Game now 30% off: Score themed goodies for cheap!

With so much Halloween content released in CityVille over the past month, it can be really difficult to keep it all straight (luckily, we have a complete Halloween guide that will help you do just that). If you find yourself behind on in-game features, but you like some of the items offered in the Halloween Mystery Game, Zynga is ready to reward you for your procrastination. How, you ask? Simple - all plays of the Halloween Mystery Game (after your first, which, as we told you, is free) will be 30% off the normal price.

With the original game costing a whopping 30 City Cash to play, that 30% might not make the game exactly cheap, but it does lower the price to 21 City Cash. That moves each pull of the crane to around the $3 mark, in terms of real world price (in US dollars), down from around $4 before. Again, that might not seem like a lot of savings, but when you look at the many Halloween-themed items released in the store, and the many building materials you'll need to construct a huge chunk of them, every little bit of City Cash helps. After all, I'm sure you'll find something to spend all of that extra City Cash on.

Just remember, with Halloween now being here, it's likely that the contents of this Halloween-themed Mystery Game won't be around for long. It will be interesting to see if the Mystery Game sticks around after this week, with new items or a new paint scheme replacing the Halloween orange and black, and we'll make sure to let you know if it does (along with what you can win inside)!

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Have you tried the Halloween Mystery Game in CityVille? What did you win inside? Did you already spend 30 City Cash a pop on all of the items found inside this game, or are you glad you waited until the game was placed "on sale?" Share your experiences with us in the comments!