CityVille Energy Ghosts: Everything you need to know


For one last event before Halloween, Zynga is rewarding users with free energy and coins in CityVille via an event of an appropriate name: Energy Ghosts, that will see you rapidly clicking on ghosts for free items. This event comes in the form of a "goal" on the left-hand side of your screen, and like a goal, it can only be done once. However, you'll be able to start the goal whenever you choose, giving you a chance to rearrange things in your town before starting.

You see, this event will last just 60 seconds, once you start it in your city. You must have at least one piece of road in your city in order to even access this goal, along with being at least level 10. From there, you'll have the 60-second time frame to click on as many ghosts as you possibly can. For each ghost you click on, you'll receive a single energy point and 30 coins. Please note that you will not lose energy by taking part in this event / clicking on the ghosts - you'll only gain energy.

The ghosts themselves can be found wandering around on your roads, so if you have a long stretch of road blocked by larger skyscrapers or other tall buildings, you'll want to either remove the roads from that area, or move the buildings so that you'll have a clear view of the ghosts as they wander around.

There doesn't look to be a limit on how many ghosts you can click on, and therefore how much energy you can earn, and we're also not sure if the energy you earn will go over your energy cap, so you might want to wait until you've already used your energy entirely before starting this one. While it might sound complicated, just keep in mind that you're getting something for nothing here, and you'll be able to enjoy the feature for the very short time it lasts!

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What do you think of this Energy Ghosts feature? How many ghosts did you end up clicking on in the 60-seconds you had? Sound off in the comments.