Cafe World Feeding the Faire Goals: Everything you need to know

Whether you are part of the majority that thinks Zynga needs to slow down on Cafe World goal and Catering Order releases, or if you're always ready and willing to take on more of a challenge, there's a new set of eight goals that has now been added to your virtual plate. The annual Street Faire is this week, requiring you to cook a variety of dishes, and ask for plenty of items from friends with the overall goal being to unlock new dishes for your cookbook in the end. Here's a guide to get you through.

Note: This is one of those goal series that requires each user to cook different dishes. That being the case, we have just listed the amount of servings you will need to serve in your own cafe, as there's no way for us to predict what each individual user will need to cook. In the end, your overall cooking time should even out with that of your fellow players, so everyone will wind up "equal" in the end.

Feeding the Faire 1

  • Ask for 5 Party Favors

  • Serve 25 Random Dishes

  • Serve 20 Random Dishes

Again, the dishes you specifically have to cook will be different of that of your neighbors. As a particular example, my own cafe has be serving 25 Irish Stews and 20 Gem Cakes, but your own requirements will vary. Regardless of the dishes you're asked to cook, just remember to keep checking your gift box for any extra servings you can use to speed the process along.

Feeding the Faire 2

  • Ask for 6 Red Plastic Cups

  • Serve 30 Random Dishes

  • Ask for 8 Lemon Slices

For all of these "ask for" requirements, you'll need to send out requests for help from your friends to help you along. For finishing this particular goal, you'll receive the new Sloppy Joes recipe as a reward.

Feeding the Faire 3

  • Ask for 7 BBQ Sauce

  • Master Sloppy Joes to Level 1

  • Ask for 7 Paper Napkins

Feeding the Faire 4

  • Ask for 6 Basketballs

  • Serve 50 Random Rishes

  • Ask for 6 High Tops

Feeding the Faire 5

  • Serve 30 Random Dishes

  • Ask for 8 Chicken Breasts

  • Serve 30 Random Dishes

For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Breaded Chicken Sandwich.
Feeding the Faire 6

  • Serve 30 Pastrami on Rye

  • Ask for 6 Wristbands

  • Spice 5 of your own Dishes

For this particular goal, things become a bit more complicated. It looks like you'll need to cook 30 Pastrami on Rye, that is prepared on the Sandwich Counter specifically, but whether or not this dish will be random, or will always be Pastrami on Rye remains to be seen. We'll look into things, and will let you know if it is indeed different.

Feeding the Faire 7

  • Ask for 8 Pie Servers

  • Serve 30 Random Dishes

  • Ask for 9 Pie Tins

Finishing this goal gives you your third recipe for this goal set: Strawberry Pie. You'll need to cook all three of your rewards here in the final goal.

Feeding the Faire 8

  • Master Sloppy Joes to Level 2

  • Master Breaded Chicken Sandwich to Level 1

  • Master Strawberry Pie to Level 1

Unfortunately, this is another of those goal series that heavily relies on asking your friends for help, rather than on tasks that you can complete on your own (like visiting your friends' cafes, or trying their daily specials). Still, if you like collecting every dish in the game, you'll need to power your way through these sooner or later to fill in the holes. Good luck!

[Via: Official Cafe World Forums]

What do you think of these Feeding the Faire Goals? What sorts of dishes were you required to cook for these goals? Do you like goals that ask each user to cook a different set of dishes, or do you wish you knew exactly what to do before the goals launched? Sound off in the comments.