Angry Birds Halloween horror movie spoof channels Hitchcock [Video]

The Birds of Anger
The Birds of Anger

And it's pretty amazing, really. G4TV is running a series of horror movie homages in short flicks through the scope of--what else?--video games. This gem, "The Birds of Anger," was released recently and was directed by Gregg Bishop. If you hadn't guessed already, the nearly 8-minute film is a crack at Rovio's insanely popular Angry Birds. But not in a way you'd expect.

That is, not in a way that's overtly cheesy. Actually, the way "The Birds of Anger" pays tribute to the ultimate master of horror Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds from 1963 is impressive. The flick seems to have been shot with a technicolor-esque filter (or Bishop is joking) and even the characters look as if they're from the era. There's incredibly brief plot development, but it works beautifully for an 8-minute-long short film.

And let's not forget how well it nods to its primary source material: Angry Birds. (And no, it doesn't turn out that the people are actually pigs or something goofy.) It's the subtleties you'll notice that make this one awesome short film. Would Hitchcock be pleased? Probably not, but we sure are.

[Via Kotaku]

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