Rovio: Angry Birds will take the Super Mario route in future games

Angry Birds racingOh, Angry Birds, the places you'll go. The oft-outspoken CMO (and Mighty Eagle) of Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka, recently dropped details on the future of its flagship Angry Birds franchise, saying that the characters will do more than just crash into things. In fact, Vesterbacka seems to think that the famous avian projectiles will be syndicated across game genres.

"When Mario drives a car, it becomes Mario Kart," Vesterbacka said during a panel talk at Nokia World, according to Pocket Gamer. "When Mario flies to space it's Mario Galaxy. Our birds will do things, and go to unexpected places." The CMO went on to his often lofty comparisons between Finnish Rovio and American entertainment powerhouses like Disney and Nintendo.

Of course, that includes immense advertising and marketing through a plethora of Angry Birds products. "We have a movie planned. Hopefully we will do a bit better than the Super Mario movie," Vesterbacka joked. In this regard, Rovio doesn't even see itself as a game company, but again, an entertainment business in vein of Disney. Though, in order to do that, Rovio will have to diversify.

Pocket Gamer reports that Vesterbacka expects Rovio to create new characters in the Angry Birds franchise. While Vesterbacka mentioned the idea directly, it's easy to see that the Finnish company is already headed in the direction. With the Halloween update to Angry Birds Seasons, a new bird was released to the game, and it's likely just the beginning. We're still waiting to see whether Angry Birds can hang for another two years in time for its big screen debut and $1 billion initial public offering.

[Image Credit: Pocket Gamer]

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