FarmVille Sneak Peek: Butterfly theme coming soon?

While the holiday season is a fast and furious time both in the real world and in FarmVille, it looks like Zynga will take a short break between Halloween and Thanksgiving to give us a theme concerning either fairies, butterflies or both. With a new batch of unreleased animals, trees, and even a building, we see this theme starting to take shape. With these newest images spotted by FarmVilleFreak, it looks like this theme might be one of the prettiest yet. Here's what we expect to launch soon.

Golden Fairy Tree
Giant Golden Fairy Tree
Fairy Mill
Butterfly Dog
Butterfly Pig
Butterfly Sheep
Butterfly Lop-Eared Rabbit
Butterfly Horse
Butterfly Foal

With these specific Butterfly animals (not including the Foal, which would come from breeding the Horse), this almost looks like it could be part of a future Mystery Game grouping. If not, we'll need to expect to spend plenty of Farm Cash in the store purchasing these animals piece by piece.

As for the Fairy Mill, this could very well be an item given away in the FarmVille Raffle Booth, or as a final prize in the aforementioned Mystery Game, on top of potentially just being an in-store item. With these unreleased items, there a quite a few possibilities for how we'll go about collecting them all, but I'd confidently wager that all of them will detail Farm Cash in some form. I hope you've saved up plenty just in case!

[Image Credit: FarmVilleFreak]

What do you think of these Butterfly / Fairy themed items? Can you see these Butterfly animals being released in a Mystery Game, or do you think they'll all launch separately in the store? Speculate with us in the comments.