CityVille Spy Agency: Everything you need to know

I never really knew that our CityVille cities were full of secrets, but apparently they are. Not only that, but people also apparently want those secrets, forcing us to now have a need to protect them. What this all boils down to is the introduction of the Spy Agency into the game, along with a goal that will introduce you to the building.

The goal, "The Spy Who Loved Me," requires the following:

  • Place the Spy Agency

  • Complete the Spy Agency

Ok, that's pretty self-explanatory, but just what does it take to finish this Spy Agency to begin with? Well, first and foremost, you'll need to whack the frame five times to build up the foundation of your new building. Then, you'll need to collect five different building ingredients:

  • 5 Decoder Rings

  • 5 Secret Files

  • 5 Spy Sunglasses

  • 5 Spy Watches

  • 5 Spy Ties

The Secret Files, Spy Watches and Spy Ties are earned through general requests posted on your wall, while the Decoder Rings and Spy Sunglasses are earned through individual requests sent to your friends. Once the building is finished, you'll find that the Spy Agency is a Community Building that allows for 1,700 citizens to live in your town.

As for the Spy Who Loved Me goal above? You'll receive 20,000 coins for finishing it.

Whether or not this Spy Agency will turn into some bigger feature, actually allowing us to send out or catch spies to / from neighboring towns remains to be seen. As it stands, it looks like the building itself is suffering from some technical difficulties (according to Zynga), so you might not even see it in your game yet. However, once we learn more about the building, and any extra function it might contain, we'll make sure to let you know.

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Have you received the Spy Agency in your town? What do you think of this newest Community Building? Will you build one in your town, or do you have a high enough population cap as it is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.