Adventure World Creepy Crypt Expedition: Everything you need to know

While you're waiting for your friends to send you smelly socks in Adventure World's Haunted Village Expedition, why not consider double-timing it with the Creepy Crypt Expedition, which has also been released just in time for Halloween? This Creepy Crypt Expedition has you tracking down lost spirits and restoring graves. You'll need 250 Supplies to start this one, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have four full days to complete this Expedition, which can reward up to 3,150 coins and one Fuel, should you complete and clear everything on the map. You can bring five friends in on this Expedition with you for extra energy, but even if you choose to go it alone, here's a guide to help you through.

Foggy Frights

  • Deactivate the 5 Fog Machines

  • Deactivate the 5 Film Projectors

  • Ask friends for 5 Planks

  • Use five Planks to Cross the Chasm

The Aztecs apparently used this cave as a burial ground for their most celebrated warriors, and now the place is supposedly haunted by the souls of Spanish Conquistadors that came and pillaged the place looking for buried treasures (literally). For this Expedition, your main goal will be to investigate whether or not these ghost stories are true. As you go along, you'll find Fog Machines and Film Projectors that someone has set up to scare any visitors, creating the appearance of ghosts. For this map, even though you're underground, "clouds" will still cover some areas of the map, but the clouds are black instead of white. Once you clear out some "clouds" though, you'll find the Fog Machines and Film Projectors relatively close to one another, making your search a bit easier.

As for the Planks, these are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a generic wall post. Once you have five, you can use them in the bottom left-side of the map, to cross pillars that otherwise have no path, as seen below.

Grave Intentions

  • Collect the 3 Skulls from their Plinths

  • Place the Gold Skull on its Grave

  • Place the Jade Skull on its Grave

  • Place the Turquoise Skull on its Grave

The Skulls are found on pillars scattered around the map, normally blocked by debris or spiders that will try to stop you. Once you collect them, you'll need to head to the Grave nearby that matches each Skull's color. For instance, the Gold Skull is seen in the picture below, while its matching Grave is found just to the left, blocked by a boulder that can only be removed with Dynamite (available for 1,000 coins back in your Tool Shop at Base Camp).

Grim Glyphs

  • Ask friends for 10 Translation Scrolls

  • Investigate the Aztec Hieroglyphs

Once you cross the chasm, you'll come across a pyramid-shaped structure that has a mysterious statue on the top. There are hieroglyphs surrounding it, but you'll need to gather 10 Translation Scrolls by sending out individual requests to friends in order to finish this particular quest. Only after you've gathered these scrolls can you start to interact with the statue / pillar, which has 10 hit points, and must be investigated 10 times to match.

The hardest part of this Expedition won't be in finding the Fog Machines or Film Projectors, but rather will be in the time and energy-consuming spider fights and waiting for your friends to send you items (both Planks and Translation Scrolls). Luckily, with four full days to complete these three quests, you should be able to finish everything in time to earn your rewards. If additional Halloween content launches in the game, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of the Creepy Crypt Expedition? Do you like being required to ask your friends for help in Expeditions, or would you rather just go it alone? Sound off in the comments.