Piooner Trail Halloween Sale: Pick up spooky supplies for 30-40% off

Similar to the "End of Summer Sale" that took place in Pioneer Trail at the end of October, the game has seen a sale launch yet again to celebrate Halloween; however, the discounts here aren't as great. For this Halloween Sale, you'll see specific items marked 30-40% off their normal prices, and will also see a Horseshoe sale of 40% off, if you're interested in purchasing some premium currency.

For the sale items themselves, they can be found in both the normal and Halloween stores (mainly in the former). You'll be able to save 40% on Carrot Juice, Poker Card and Fuzzy Blanket packs (now priced at 12, 24 and 30 Horseshoes each, respectively), along with saving on items like Beef Jerky (now 16 Horseshoes) and All You Can Eat meals (4 Horseshoes each). Animal Mastery boosts, and even some animals themselves are on sale too. For instance, the Black Moose and Badger are each 40% off, now being priced at 30 Horseshoes or 3 Horseshoes, respectively.

As for Halloween-specific items in this sale, you can save 30% on the Halloween Animal Mystery Crate (priced at 21 Horseshoes), along with a Ballerina Cow that is now priced at 7 Horseshoes - 30% off as well. A few other decorations or themed items are on sale, but unfortunately, all of the premium Halloween items haven't been given the same treatment.

If you're in the mood to purchase just Horseshoes, you can do that as well, for the aforementioned sale price of 40% off. That makes 170 Horseshoes cost $12, down from $20, and 1,000 Horseshoes cost $60, down from $100. Of course, there are other Horseshoe packs you could purchase instead, but that gives you an idea as to the savings that can be found here.

The Horseshoe offer looks to expire within just a matter of hours, while we'd expect the store sale to last at least until Halloween proper, if not later. Still, with no official end date released, you'll want to go shopping as soon as you can to make sure you don't miss out on these discounts.

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Which of these goodies will you splurge on during the Pioneer Trail Halloween sale? Which items do you wish were on sale but aren't? Sound off in the comments.